Top 5 Wall Stickers under Rs. 199 to decorate Kids Room

Following super cute wall stickers will add a new vibe to your kid’s room.

1.Jungle Cartoon Cute Animals’ Wall Sticker

elephant wall stickers

This super cute wallpaper will give your kid’s room a new look and feel. It is one of the most love wall stickers and has more than 11000+ amazon reviews. It is very easy to install and I can bet your kid will definitely love it. Buy from the below link for just Rs. 128

2.Kids Giraffe Height Chart Wall Sticker

giraffe wall stickers

I am quite sure that kids really like measuring their height. This particular sticker will definitely keep your kids occupied and also will be a plus in your kid’s room. It has more than 3700+ amazon reviews. Use the below link to Buy it for just Rs.157:

3.Cartoon Dolphins StarFish Underwater Creatures’ Wall Sticker

wall stickers

I am sure that dolphins are everyone’s favorite and especially to kids as dolphins are as cute as kids. This beautiful dolphin wall sticker will brighten up your kid’s room and will make it visually attractive for your kid. This wall sticker has more than 950+ amazon reviews. Buy this super cute wall sticker from the below link for just Rs. 134.

4.Underwater Mermaid and Creatures Wall Stickers

mermaid wall stickers

This is one of my favorite wall stickers as I love underwater creatures and I am sure kids too. It is a very cute wall sticker of the underwater family and gives a good peaceful feeling to the room. You kids will definitely love this one. It has more than 870+ amazon reviews and cost only Rs. 146. Use the below link to buy it:

5.Train of Joy with All Animals Wall Stickers

This is one is a very beautiful wallpaper from the animal’s collection. Not only it will give a beautiful look, but it can also help in teaching your kids animals. This beautiful wall sticker has more than 850+ amazon reviews and costs only Rs. 147. Use the below link to buy it:

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