Top 5 Wall Stickers Charts for Kids Learning under Rs.400

1.Kids Learning Education Nursery, Pre School and Kinder Garden Alphabets Wall Sticker

This kids learning chart as a wall sticker is perfect if you want to teach alphabets to your kids in a fun way. By using this chart learning will never be boring again. It costs only Rs.349. Use the below link to buy:

2.Numbers From 0 To 10 Learning Education Nursery School Kinder Garden for Baby

kids learning chart number

I love these kids learning charts as it is a great way of learning.  This chart will teach your kids about the numbers and your kids will certainly learn it in no time. It only costs Rs.349. Use the below link to buy it:

3.Hindi -Alphabets -Varnamala -Vowel for Kid’s Learning 

kids learning chart hindi alphabet

This one is a pretty interesting kid learning chart. It’s not easy to find one as the Hindi alphabet has a lot of letters and vowels and having this chart at home will definitely make your kid learn it fast. It only costs Rs.399. Use the below link to buy it:

4.Animal Alphabets Kids Learning Education 

kids learning chart animals

This kid’s learning chart is really cute as it teaches the English alphabet most interestingly. Kids love animals and it can certainly teach English alphabets and animal’s names altogether. This one only costs Rs.399. use the below link to buy it:

5.Baby Kids Learning Education Nursery English Alphabets

This kids learning chart is a simpler version of the English alphabet chart. So if you have a toddler who just needs the basics right, this chart is perfect for you. This costs only Rs. 349. Use the below link to buy:


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