Top 5 Indoor plants with great benefits for Home Decor under Rs.499

Below is the list of top Indoor plants that will give your home a natural vibe.

1.Green Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plants


This cute little bamboo plant is perfect for your home and office. This one is on the top in indoor plants list.It looks very appealing and is easy to grow. It is perfect for indoor decor and also spreads prosperity in the home. This bamboo plant has more than 4700+ reviews and costs only Rs.349. Below is the link to buy:

2.Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot

Jade Plant or Crassula Green can survive for a very long time and it is quite easy to take care of this plant. It believes that this plant brings Goodluck and is also perfect for home decor. This is in the second position in the indoor plants and has more than 3000+ reviews and it only costs Rs.299. Below is the link to buy it.:

3.Sansevieria Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

This plant does not only looks cute but also comes with benefits. It is the best air purifying plant and also got approved for the same. It is beneficial and is perfect for home decor. This is in 3rd position in the indoor plants list and has 700 + reviews and costs only Rs.455. Below is the link to buy it:

4.Golden Money Plant Indoor 

indoor plants money

It is an excellent plant as it has the ability to survive in low sunlight. It also purifies the air and removes indoor pollutants. People keep this plant for prosperity. This plant has 1000+ reviews and only costs Rs. 345. Below is the link to buy it:

5.Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live indoor Plants

Indoor plants

It low a maintenance and easy-to-grow plant with air-purifying benefits. You just have to water it twice a week. It a durable and attractive plant. It has 1800+ reviews and only costs Rs.449. Below is the link to buy it:

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