Top 5 Home Decor Items under Rs. 399

Home Decor items play an important role in designing the look and feel of your home. Everyone loves decorating their homes as it makes the home visually attractive and more welcoming. Below is the list of the top 10 decor items under Rs. 399 will give your home a new look and feel.

1.Antique Music Decorative Canon Brass Showpiece

This antique brass showpiece is the coolest item on the list. It will give your home an amazing look. This item can fit any space of your home and making it more unique. This item is sold by E craft and it’s one of their best product as it also tops the home decor items list with 5089 reviews and a minimal price of Rs. 329. Buy from the below link:

2. Attractive Mosaic Glass Tealight Candle Holders(Pack of 2)

Decor item ekosmo

These Mosaic Tea Light Candleholders will give your home an aesthetic look when used as a showpiece. This will also give a warm and romantic feeling when used on a date night. These beautiful candles are entirely handmade and come in a piece of two. With 1239 Reviews on Amazon and a 4 Star rating. This attractive home decor items pack of 2 only costs Rs. 299. Click on this below link to buy.

3. Beautiful Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant with Wood Hexagon Pot


This beautiful Bamboo leaves plant will provide a natural look to your home, kept at any place of your home, it will make it fresher and naturally appealing. With topping the amazon review 6242 reviews. These amazing addition to your home decor items also comes at a minimal cost of Rs. 356. Use the below link to buy

4. Supercute set of 4 Buddha Monks Statues

Nobody can deny the fact that these buddha statues are extremely cute and when placed in any corner or center of the house it will definitely increase the visuals and spread positivity, With 3135 reviews on amazon. This plus to your home decor items comes at a low price of Rs.275. Use below link to buy:

5.Stunning crystal Tree Stones 7 Chakra Healing Stones Tree Gemstone Bonsai Fortune 

This beautiful tree with stones will add a unique look to your living area. It provides an artistic look and would definitely be a plus to your home vibes. With 500+ reviews on Amazon, this tree definitely will be a great plus to your home decor item list. It only costs Rs.439 Use the below link to buy this


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