14 Must have baby products for your New Born


1.Waterproof Baby Dry Sheet

It’s a great feeling to be a mother, but it’s also not easy as you continue to make a lot of sacrifices like getting no sleep or running errands for your newborn. One of the jobs is to continuously change bedsheets. This waterproof baby dry sheet will definitely be a blessing for you. You definitely need these baby products and it only costs Rs.139. Buy from the above link.

2. Ultrasoft Baby Blankets

No matter what season it is. The baby always needs to stay warm and safe from cold. Blankets are very important for babies, and these soft blankets specially made for babies will definitely be a great addition to the baby products. You can buy it from the above link.

3. Toddler Mosquito and insect protection mattress and net

It is very important to keep your baby protected. As mosquitoes and insects are everywhere, it is important to keep the baby safe. This mattress with a net is very comfortable and gives your kids comfortable sleep without the fear of mosquitoes or insects.

4. Manual Breast Pump

For a breastfeeding mom, sometimes it becomes hard when they have to go running errands and can’t find it comfortable to breastfeed. This is when this manual breastfeeder comes into great use. This is a great baby product. Buy from the above link:

5.Cute Bath Blankets/multipurpose

These cute little blankets or bathrobes are perfect to make your baby look cuter. You can even have a photo session in these. These are multipurpose blankets and are a must-have for your baby. Buy from the above link.

6. Philips Natural anti-colic bottle for milk feeding

This milk feeding bottle has 0% BPA. It is colic-free and has ultra-soft mimics that make it very comfortable for your baby. It is the best product in the market from a certified brand. Buy from the above link.

7.Waterproof Apron with Baby Bibs for baby Products

Baby products bib

I can understand the frustration when a totally new dress is ruined by a drop of milk, but not anymore. These drips are the perfect product on the list to save that new dress. These are waterproof and keeps your baby and clothes safe. Buy from the above link.

8. Baby Carrier with 4 Baby Positions for baby products

baby products

Keeping a baby safe is the most important thing for a mother. We all want to keep our babies close, we handle them with utmost care while walking. To make it safer this baby carrier will not only give your baby extra safety. It will also give you extra comfort. With this, you will be able to carry your baby at ease. Click on the above link to buy.

9. Baby Wipes with Aloe vera, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.

These baby wipes can gently clean and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin during a diaper change or after feeding food. It is enriched with Aloe vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Click on the above link to Buy.

10. Baby Sleeping Bag Cum carry Bag

baby products's carry abg

A soft safe and comfortable sleeping bag for your baby. It is lightweight and easy to carry so you can carry it around easily without disturbing your baby’s sleep. Click on the above link to buy.

11. Liquid cleanser bottle for baby products

This is a dermatology tested cleanser for cleaning baby’s products such as water bottles, milk bottles, toys, fruits, and vegetables. It has all-natural ingredients. Click on the above link to buy.

12. Diapers baby products

baby products diaper

We don’t think we need to tell why this has to be on the must-have list as you definitely don’t want your baby to leak while attending a family function. Click on the above link to buy this baby product.

13. Multipurpose 6 shelves foldable Baby wardrobe

baby products shelf

It often happens that you keep looking for your baby items around the room and you can’t find any. To make it hassle-free it’s best to keep it in one place and this bay wardrobe shelf is all you need to organize your baby products in one place. Click on the above link to buy.

14. Baby Stroller baby products

baby products stroller

Baby strollers are must have to take your baby to the park in the evening along with keeping them perfectly safe inside it. Click on the above link to buy.


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